Saturday, May 03, 2014, 6 pm

May 03 to 30, 2014

1335MABINI presents Ian Jaucian, Bagus Pandega, and Yuko Mohri in a group exhibition entitled “Causality” from May 3-30, 2014.

Kinetic expressions

It is often quite intuitive to think about “kinetic sculptures” when we talk of “kinetic art.” But though it may have had roots in sculpture, contemporary artistic practices have molded kinetic art into a complex dialect in the language of installation art. After all, motion is the aesthetic of cause-and-effect, so the very essence of the medium has the power to transcend various modes of expression.

In this exhibition, we experience kinetic works by three different artists from three different regions in Asia. On the surface, each of the works manifest as machine-powered visual poetry in four dimensions. At their core, different forces are at play: Mohri explores the line between the artificial and the natural with her mechanical ecosystems, Pandega looks into the power of memory to reflect the present and build the future, while Jaucian creates an interactive dystopia as a method of storytelling.”